Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 1

Here's a part of Kaycee's first email (written Friday, 2 days under her belt!):

Hello Family!!
The first day of the Mtc was the hardest.  But it's over now and I'm doing great!! My companion is Sister Bracken from Lincoln, Nebraska.  There are 9 missionaries in my district.  4 sisters and 5 elders.  All going to Orlando except two elders who are going to Seattle. 
 We got to go to the temple today and it was great!  Last night was the best.  We met our branch presidency and they are amazing!! President Washburn and his wife are just like mom and dad, high school sweethearts, she waited and then they got married in the Manti temple (: Brother and Sister Hall are just like Grandpa and Grandma! She is from England and has done so much genealogy for her family, I told her Grandma's story and she was amazed!! Brother and Sister Maher live in Benjamin and told me that since I'm from West Mtn that we are basically family haha (:

My teachers here are good so that makes things nice.  Being here has been hard but there are so many missionaries here that are going through the same thing that it makes it easier knowing that i'm not alone. And also some of them come from way different backgrounds and a lot harder than mine which makes me so grateful for the family I come from and for all the love and support that you give me. I'm so grateful for your wonderful examples and all that you've done for me! 18 months sounds like long time and sounded even longer on the first day but I think it's going to be good and go by fast.  I know that it's going to be worth it and that I am going to have good experiences and that i'm going to love it, especially when i get to Florida! I'm so excited for that part. 

Well this is about all the time i have! I love you all sooo much! I miss you like crazy! But i know this is the best thing i can be doing right now and that it is what I'm supposed to do.  Thank you mom and dad for everything. I love you.  Love you Reed Cole Janey and Abbie! 
Couldn't have asked for a better family.  (: Keep me updated on if Cole ever cries (;  Love you all sooo much! Have a great week!
Sister Jacklin

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saying "See Ya Later"

  The big day has arrived!
Sister Jacklin was scheduled to report to the Provo, MTC at 1:15pm.
There were feelings and emotions of every type felt this day by all of us! 

We left with enough time to snap a few photos at the Provo Temple before we went to the
 MTC "Drive By-Drop Off"!!
It was so wonderful to have these last few minutes together as a family.

 We were grateful for the "quick" goodbyes you can get before the "MTC Welcoming Committee" takes over. We couldn't be more proud of the beautiful young woman Kaycee has become!!  However, the emotions today were much joy and excitement...yet equal sadness and longing to freeze time and keep her with us!  We know this is exactly what Kaycee should be doing at this time and are so grateful for this opportunity for her to serve the people of Florida, and the Lord.  There are really no words to describe the feelings of this this case a picture really says 1000 words!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our last "PRE-Missionary" day!

Kaycee has dreamed of entering the Manti Temple for as long as we can remember!
Passing by it every summer of her whole life to get to Grandpa's Cabin, she has always longed to see the INSIDE! was the day!  I think it is safe to say it was definitely worth the wait for her!  We had  the  most peaceful, beautiful experience being in this sacred building, reflecting on the sacred covenants each of us had made.  It was truly a day we will always treasure.

After our time in the temple, and enjoying a delicious lunch at Manti's famous "MILLERS" diner, we came home, and prepared for the setting apart that was early in the evening.  President Ed Ballard gave Kaycee a beautiful blessing.  We were so grateful to be together as a family, as well as having all grandparents present.  (We believe Grandma Mandi gets invited to these kind of things!)  The Spirit was felt by all in the room, and left no doubt that Sister Jacklin was worthy and prepared for the important work she has been called to do in Florida, and would be watched over and blessed while she was on the Lord's errand.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today was the BIG day!!  We weren't exactly sure what to expect from this event, but had fussed and worried and worked hard to try to be all aspects! The weather had threatened snow and 30 degree temps...which happened the day before.  
However, Sunday was a beautiful all aspects! 
Reed was a youth speaker and Nicole, our cousin provided a beautiful musical number for the Sacrament program.  Kaycee did a fabulous job on her talk!!  It was wonderful to hear their testimonies and sincere messages!  There was an outpouring of support and love from family and friends!  We were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of those whom we love!  Here are a few pictures our sweet, Aunt Leisa took of the big day!!  What wonderful memories!!  Thank you to everyone who helped and took part in our "Farewell Party"!!