Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our last "PRE-Missionary" day!

Kaycee has dreamed of entering the Manti Temple for as long as we can remember!
Passing by it every summer of her whole life to get to Grandpa's Cabin, she has always longed to see the INSIDE!  Well...today was the day!  I think it is safe to say it was definitely worth the wait for her!  We had  the  most peaceful, beautiful experience being in this sacred building, reflecting on the sacred covenants each of us had made.  It was truly a day we will always treasure.

After our time in the temple, and enjoying a delicious lunch at Manti's famous "MILLERS" diner, we came home, and prepared for the setting apart that was early in the evening.  President Ed Ballard gave Kaycee a beautiful blessing.  We were so grateful to be together as a family, as well as having all grandparents present.  (We believe Grandma Mandi gets invited to these kind of things!)  The Spirit was felt by all in the room, and left no doubt that Sister Jacklin was worthy and prepared for the important work she has been called to do in Florida, and would be watched over and blessed while she was on the Lord's errand.

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