Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saying "See Ya Later"

  The big day has arrived!
Sister Jacklin was scheduled to report to the Provo, MTC at 1:15pm.
There were feelings and emotions of every type felt this day by all of us! 

We left with enough time to snap a few photos at the Provo Temple before we went to the
 MTC "Drive By-Drop Off"!!
It was so wonderful to have these last few minutes together as a family.

 We were grateful for the "quick" goodbyes you can get before the "MTC Welcoming Committee" takes over. We couldn't be more proud of the beautiful young woman Kaycee has become!!  However, the emotions today were much joy and excitement...yet equal sadness and longing to freeze time and keep her with us!  We know this is exactly what Kaycee should be doing at this time and are so grateful for this opportunity for her to serve the people of Florida, and the Lord.  There are really no words to describe the feelings of this this case a picture really says 1000 words!


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